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Blockchain-powered E-commerce Revolution

IDEM Club is reinventing E-commerce with its innovative suite of Utility Tokens and membership program. By leveraging the power of Blockchain technology, IDEM Club is able to offer unparalleled value to its members, providing access to exclusive deals and discounts that can't be found anywhere else.

Transforming E-commerce with Direct Purchase Utility Tokens

One of the key ways that IDEM Club is innovating E-commerce is through the use of Utility Tokens. Unlike traditional loyalty programs that offer rewards in the form of points or credits, IDEM's Utility Tokens can be used to make purchases directly at participating merchants. This makes the process of earning and redeeming rewards more seamless and convenient for members, while also creating new opportunities for merchants to attract and retain customers.

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Expand Customer Base and Increase Profits as a Merchant Partner

At IDEM Club, we believe in creating win-win partnerships with our merchant partners. By accepting IDEM Tokens as a payment method, merchants can tap into a new customer base that is looking for unique Discounts, Rewards, and Cashback opportunities.

In addition, merchants can enjoy lower fees and faster transaction times, which can help to improve their bottom line. Joining IDEM Club as a merchant partner is easy and affordable and can provide your business with a powerful competitive advantage.

IDEM Payment: Empowering  Merchants with Secure Transactions

A Merchant account is a type of payment processing specific to E-Commerce.

Merchants who choose to process with instant approval companies may have their account shut down which can lead to the loss of revenue.

IDEM Club provides a Fintech approach and a payment solution that works with the E-Commerce industry.

Beyond underwriting and approval, we will keep your business operating smoothly. Our partner Payshield can help you with fraud prevention and chargeback protection. Our processing partners will help you with the gateway integration to accept IDEM Tokens.

Stable & User-Friendly Blockchain for Seamless Transactions

IDEM Token is a new way of transacting that differs from traditional cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) and USD Coin (USDC) in a few key ways.

IDEM Token is designed to provide a more stable value than BTC or USDC. While the value of cryptocurrencies like BTC and USDC can fluctuate wildly due to market conditions, the value of IDEM is pegged to one USD (or one Euro) and is designed to remain stable over time.

IDEM offers a more seamless and user-friendly payment experience compared to traditional cryptocurrencies. Instead of requiring users to navigate complex wallets and exchanges, IDEM allows Customers to easily send payments directly from their IDEM wallet to their favorite Merchants. IDEM also integrates with existing payment infrastructure, making it easier for merchants to accept IDEM as a form of payment online and in retail store situation.


Easy Blockchain Transactions with Lower Fees


IDEM Tokens offers a unique solution that sets it apart from traditional cryptocurrencies like BTC and USDC.

With IDEM, customers don't need to have USDT or BTC in hand before the transaction. Instead, they can simply use their card to purchase IDEM Tokens and complete the sale. This eliminates the need for customers to have a deep understanding of cryptocurrencies or navigate complex wallet and exchange systems.


In terms of fees, compared to traditional cryptocurrency transactions when you consider all the costs associated with buying and holding cryptocurrencies, IDEM is less expensive.

With traditional cryptocurrencies, customers need to buy BTC or USDC, which often involves fees for credit card purchases, sometimes up to 8%, and requires passing KYC checks. Additionally, holding cryptocurrencies involves the risk of losing money due to volatility.

IDEM E-Commerce: Secure Payments for Peace of Mind

IDEM E-Commerce platform enables merchants to quickly and securely receive payments online, via email or SMS. A set of APIs enable system to system communication with real-time status of each and every transaction, giving you security, certainty of payment, and peace of mind.

By accepting IDEM Token as a payment method, merchants gain access to a loyal and engaged community of shoppers, while also enjoying lower transaction fees and reduced chargeback risk compared to traditional payment methods


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Convenient and Easy

IDEM Token offers a seamless and secure way to process payments, making transactions faster and more efficient than ever before.

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