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Introducing IDEM CLUB – the ultimate membership experience that rewards customers with a range of exclusive benefits and incentives! With IDEM CLUB, you can enjoy discounts, rewards, and cashback incentives, all paid with a cutting-edge Digital Payment. 

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Join IDEM Club for Exclusive Rewards and Savings.

Experience the best of both worlds with IDEM Club - where life is better, and savings abound! Join now and enjoy exclusive rewards, perks, discounts, and cashback with every booking.

Membership Benefits

Get Year-Round Discounts with IDEM Club Membership.

IDEM Club is a members-only, exclusive lifestyle club. As a member you’ll enjoy year-round, access to thousand of discounts including dining, resort getaways, hotels, activities, and more—all packaged in one-stop shop solution.

Save on rental car

IDEM has the Biggest Selection of Global Rental Car Brands.

Save up to 25% on popular car rental brands like Alamo, Enterprise, National, Avis, Budget, and more. Join, book and save.


Savings on Travel: Get Cashback with IDEM Club.

If you love to travel, you probably know that travel expenses can add up quickly. But with IDEM CLUB, you can save money on every trip. IDEM CLUB is a loyalty program that allows you to earn up to 40% cashback on various services, including travel.

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Unlock Exclusive

As an exclusive IDEM Club member, you gain access to privately negotiated rates at over 150,000+ retailers, 65,000+ restaurants and 850,000+ travel providers globally. You will also earn IDEML every time you book a service through our platform.

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65, 000+


50, 000

Retailler stores

150, 000+

Popular & Familiar Brands we offer deals on:


IDEML is Your Key to Open Every Door and Get Access to a World of Savings

As a member, you get rewarded with IDEML every time you shop with IDEM.

Redeem your IDEML for a wide range of products and services, they can even be shared with friends and family.


You Shop, You Save!

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You Travel, You Get Cashback!

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We have Collected Popular Questions Together
and Answered Them here

IDEM Club is not only a payment platform but also a membership discount program that provides members with exclusive benefits and discounts. It works by offering IDEM as a method of payment that can be used for secure and convenient transactions. Additionally, as a member of IDEM, you gain access to a wide range of discounts and rewards at participating merchants. By leveraging blockchain technology, IDEM ensures fast and transparent transactions while also providing a loyalty program where members can earn IDEML Loyalty Token. These loyalty tokens can be redeemed for additional rewards and benefits within the IDEM ecosystem.

Signing up as a member of IDEM Club is simple. Visit our website and click on the "Sign Up" button. Fill in the required information, including your name, email address, and password. Once you've completed the registration process, you'll receive a confirmation email to verify your account.

Using IDEM for payment is straightforward. When making a purchase at a participating merchant, select IDEM as your payment method. Enter the required information, including the amount in IDEM, and confirm the transaction. The corresponding amount of IDEM will be deducted from your account.

The Travel Cashback feature offered by IDEM allows members to earn cash back on their travel bookings. Here's how it works:

Book your travel: As an IDEM member, you can make your travel bookings through our platform, including hotel reservations.

Cash back percentage: Depending on the specific offer, you can earn up to 40% cash back on your eligible travel bookings.

Cash back disbursement: After you have completed your booking and stayed at the hotel, the cash back amount will be credited back to the original payment method used for the booking. This typically takes around 2 to 3 days after your check-out.

IDEML Loyalty Tokens: In addition to the cash back, you will also earn IDEML Loyalty Tokens based on the amount spent on your travel booking. However, please note that the IDEML Tokens will be deposited into your account only after you have completed your stay at the booked hotel.

Redeeming IDEML Loyalty Tokens: Once the IDEML Loyalty Tokens are deposited into your account, you can redeem them for various rewards and benefits within the IDEM ecosystem, such as discounts on future bookings, gift cards, airtime top-ups, and more.

The Travel Cashback feature is designed to provide you with savings and rewards on your travel expenses, making your trips even more rewarding. Start booking your travel through IDEM to enjoy cash back and earn IDEML Loyalty Tokens today!

No, IDEM cannot be converted back to fiat currency. IDEM is not a cryptocurrency and cannot be exchanged or traded. IDEM are exclusively used within the IDEM payment ecosystem for making purchases and accessing various benefits.

If you have further questions or issues, our dedicated support team is available to assist you. You can reach IDEM support by emailing or by calling 800 659 7908 during our business hours. We're here to provide prompt and helpful support for all your inquiries.